Paris, France 2016

September 18, 2016

Six days was nowhere near enough time to spend in the culturally compelling yet sedating city of Paris, but I think we worked well with the time we had;



I stayed with an old house-mate in Perth who has conveniently since moved back home to Paris. Gustavo lives in Montmartre, a stones-throw away from the stairs leading up to Cathedral Sacre-Ceour.







Sacre-Ceour has views of almost 360 degrees of Paris.



































Gus' Parisian mates took us through the abandoned train tunnels and tracks that intertwine all through Paris. Home to great murals.















Took a day to explore Galeries Lafayette, one of the biggest shopping districts, and it's surroundings.













Skipped the queue with VIP access to the Louvre, thanks to Gus' mates that are staff here.