Vietnam Week Four: Hanoi 2016

February 16, 2016

Our final destination in our Vietnam adventure, and these unreal parts of Vietnam's North made it that much more difficult to leave. Hanoi is where Vietnam keeps a majority of all it's culture and history and it was truly difficult trying to pack it all into five days, but we did the best we could and saved the resting for the long flights and transfers home. The city of Hanoi is densely built and populated, with occasional vast openings of gardens and temples - we were here for Chinese New Year, so we took huge advantage of these areas. There were so many traditional events taking place with mass prayer, traditional games and food, and a lot of music, all over the city - I was even spoilt with the most impressive thunderous firework display I've ever seen on the night of my 19th birthday. Venturing through the government sectors and seeing museums, houses, and the body of Ho Chi Minh himself was surreal as we'd been seeing images of him literally everywhere we went - just a shame that security was so tight with cameras in these areas. The best part of Hanoi however were the people; we met up with a few fellow photographers based in Vietnam that treated us as family, and took us to many places we never would have ventured without them. We explored the mountains and temples of Chua Huong, which is a sacred place quite closed off to foreigners which was so special - many of these photos are taken here. As well as getting a taste of Vietnamese nightlife after a family cooked dinner, with some pretty hectic karaoke competitions. Thanks to these locals, the raw beauty of Hanoi, and Chinese New Year celebrations, this last venture through Vietnam was the perfect end to our trip. 'Till next time.