A place to hang my photos and tell the stories behind them. From the experiences here in Perth, to adventures around the globe.

July 16, 2017

Singapore is an avant-garde city far ahead of its time. The once trading hub of Southeast Asia has since become a global leader of technology, finance, and art, not to mention the vast collection of culture and cuisines introduced from surrounding countries. Singapore...

September 18, 2016

Six days was nowhere near enough time to spend in the culturally compelling yet sedating city of Paris, but I think we worked well with the time we had;

I stayed with an old house-mate in Perth who has conveniently since moved back home to Paris. Gustavo lives in...

July 15, 2016

I've just finished my very first experience vlogging my trip through England. It's been a wicked week seeing all of my family again after over eight years, and exploring such a beautiful country.

Since starting this vlog-a-day project, my workflow in producing suc...

May 27, 2016

So I just finished editing the photos from an hectic but fun couple days of shooting for Serena over at Lilli & Lola, a refreshing collection of women's clothing based out of Perth, Western Australia.

The thousands of photos I took was a real challenge to edit and...

May 11, 2016

After shooting Groovin The Moo music festival in Bunbury last year, I made it my mission to truly put my whole into shooting GTM this year round and really leave a mark.

Shooting socials was wicked; publicity for the company was through the roof taking everyone's photos...

May 4, 2016

Ishara Jayakody and Sarina Menzies’ SHE Fashion Project encapsulates the rise of modern women over the last 100 years in the form of wearable art.

This project was so much fun to work on, and I was so excited to be an official sponsor, raising a total of $1500 for the...

April 20, 2016

Touring with G-Eazy through the Australian run of the 'These Things Happen' tour in 2015 was a surreal experience and one of there biggest kickstarts of my photography career, so I was stoked to meet the team again after a long awaited yea